Frames and legs… And a modified plan

Let’s start with the track plan…

The track plan for the lower level has been modified slightly in the station throat and fiddle yard. In the fiddle yard, we now have three long tracks for each direction, plus a single bi-direction track. The plan for exhibitions is to line multiple trains up on tracks one and two, with track three empty. Trains on track one are sent round the layout, to track three. When track one is exhausted, we run trains from track two to track one. then from track three to track two. Rinse and repeat.

The bi-directional line is to support the bay platform.

The topology of the station throat is retained, but reorganised to make it more compact. This allows the platforms to be extended slightly, and keeps the throat point work on a single board – board 2 is lower than the rest, and the new plan keeps all points off that board.

The plan for the upper level is to have each fiddle yard on its own dedicated board, each about 8′ by 8″, so the pointwork for each circuit is on a single board. The upper board will be wired to allow DC operation at the club and DCC at exhibitions, so we want to keep it as simple as possible.

The basic frame for each board is now complete, plus a set of legs. Board 2, being lower, needs different legs, so we have two pairs for that. The other three board will then “hang off” that. However, each board will have a full set of pockets for the legs, so we can put up any one board on its own if necessary.

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