Euxton Junction

This portion of the West Coast Main Line is a little way south of the location of our previous ‘oo’ layout “Bee Lane’ and gives more scope for both DC and DCC operations. Using the fiddle yards of the former layout plus extensions and after a rearrangement of our other layouts it was set up and running in the club rooms with a full length of 30 ft in mid November 2016. The full story of how it was built can be found here.

For club running simultaneous DC and DCC operation is available, while at exhibitions the layout is run purely on DCC.

These videos are from its first outing at our exhibition in 2017. It has been seen at numerous exhibitions since then.


This layout appeared as “Layout of the Month” in Railway Modeller magazine of October 2018. The next slide show is of all the images taken by Tony Wright in preparation for the article.

The layout has more recently appeared in the March 2023 edition of British Railway Modelling.