Euxton Junction

The portion of the West Coast Main Line  now being modelled is a little way South of the location of our previous ‘oo’ layout “Bee Lane’ and gives more scope for both D.C and D.C.C. operations. Using the fiddle yards of the former layout plus extensions and after a rearrangement of our other layouts it was set up and running in the club rooms with a full length of 30 ft in mid November 2016

For club running simultaneous D.C and D.C.C operation is available.

At exhibitions only D.C.C operation will be demonstrated.

Work on the scenery and backgrounds  progressed rapidly on schedule for this layout’s intended appearance at our 2017 Exhibition as the photos below show.

These are slideshows and images will automatically change at about 10 second intervals.To move to the next yourself just click on an image. 

Commenced. April/ May 2016.

Progress. Late October 2016.

Progress. Early February 2017. (with full length set up)

Additions. Club night 1 week later. 2 weeks to go to exhibition


At Exhibition 2017. We made it! *

*(We estimate 90+% complete)


This layout appeared as “Layout of the Month” in Railway Modeller magazine of October 2018. The next slide show is of all the images taken by Tony Wright in preparation for the article.