Putting cork down…

I am conscious that there has been no update since since June, partly due to holidays, so sorry about that! But we are back on track now.

Here you can see Tom, Karl and myself putting in the supports for the upper level fiddle yard, and below Dave and Tom at it.

The boards for the lower level are pretty much down, and cork has been laid down in the fiddle yard. The plan is to lay the lower level track before doing much more for the upper level so we can see where to avoid.

We have a slightly modified track plan (download the PDF here). Three changes:

  1. We are going to use Setrack for the upper level curve on the right side – third and fourth radii – as the tighter curves will be easier to form. This allows the curve to be brought inwards, avoiding the need of the tracks to cross at all at that end.
  2. The upper level fiddle yard is going to be two long loops each direction. This means more trains can be held at exhibitions (when we will be running DCC) and less points.
  3. The upper level has been realigned front-left to cross the lower level further to the left. It will then cross the river on a second bridge. The will allow trains on the lower level to be seen for longer.

So what do people think we should do for the bridges? I have a few  ideas, but that can wait for another post…

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