In spite of the disappointment of having to cancel our 2018 Exhibition owing to unusually adverse weather,

we shall be exhibiting as normal in 2019.


The 2017 Exhibition was our most successful to date.

The winner of the Children’s competition was Theo Hardacre from Penwortham, who correctly worked out the answer was “Tornado”.
Carl Bowden’s “Alderford” and club layout “Tellem Summit” with its new scenic additions have recently been the subjects of articles in Railway Modeller Magazine.

 Llwyn Grug resurrected! Phoenix-Bird-56653


Chairman, Les Nehrlich’s N gauge layout Llwyn Grug, well known on the exhibition scene in the ’80s (see our Archive page for pictures and video) will re appear phoenix like, in a newly modified form on the exhibition circuit. The old station and working fairground boards will feature joined by some completely new boards.

For a sldeshow of the revamped boards click:-  Here

Les Nehrlich will be demonstrating.

Weathering locos & rolling stock using paint brushes alone” and exhibiting his layouts, Upper Cwmtwych (New) and Llwyn Grug at exhibitions as follows:-



March/April    YORK                   Weathering
April                 LIVERPOOL        Weathering
April                 SOUTHPORT      UPPER CWMTWYCH
June                 PERTH                  LLWYN GRUG
September      N.FYLDE               LLWYN GRUG
October           WIGAN                  LLWYN GRUG
October           BARROW               LLWYN GRUG
November       ALSAGER              LLWYN GRUG
January         KENDAL                 UPPER CWMTWYCH
February       STAFFORD             Weathering
March            ALLY PALLY          LLWYN GRUG
April              LIVERPOOL           Weathering
April              SOUTHPORT         Weathering
May               DERBY                     LLWYN GRUG
September    N.FYLDE                Weathering
October         WIGAN                   UPPER CWMTWYCH
October       BARROW                 UPPER CWMTWYCH
April         LIVERPOOL               LLWYN GRUG


Our Layouts out and about.

In addition to Les’s wanderings above other Club/Members Layouts may be seen in public as follows  :-

Euxton Junction     York (Easter)

                                        Barrow (October)

                                        Preston (March 2019) 

Alderford                   D.E.M.U. Burton (June) 

Great Endon             Glasgow (February 2019)

Les’s new layout “UPPER CWMTWYCH” was awarded “Best in Show” at its first showing at the Southport Exhibition.