Maudland Sidings

This is a truncated model of Maudland sidings, Preston, in BR days. These sidings, which no longer exist, were at the western end of the Longridge branch where it diverged from the West Coast main line just north of Preston station.

Originally this fine scale “OO” layout, the scenic part of which is ‘L’ shaped 12′ x 8′, was intended to be run end-to-end re creating the operation of the Preston to Longridge branch. However, it was more convenient to join the two ends together by means of one large fiddle yard (recently widened). This provides the possibility of continuous running if so desired and is especially attractive on club running nights when it is not always the intention to re create prototypical end-to end operation of the branch and two trains, of almost any type or region,  – reflecting the different interests of members and what stock they have chosen to bring along, may be seen running at the same time

The scenic part of the layout includes the junction where the branch diverges from the West Coast Main line just north of Preston. The Lancaster Canal and various road bridges may be seen. Various buildings, which could be seen in the area during the 1950’s, have been modelled. These include the terraced housing of the area, St Peter’s Church, Preston No 5 and Maudland Curve signal boxes, the goods shed, soap works, sawmill, and the Bridge Inn. A modified model of St Peter’s school, our previous club rooms, may be seen to the left in the 1st picture below.

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