Building Euxton Junction, Part 3

The following photographs show the location of both ramps from the road bridge down to the platforms.

North bound platform showing area for ramp from road down to opening in platform fencing. This ramp has to be removable for transporting the layout.

Completed ramp in-situ to the North bound platform.

The South bound platform has a much longer ramp again part of which had to be removable, also part way down there are steps as well. The section from the steps down to the platform is fixed in-situ.

As each stage progressed it was fitted to the layout to see if any adjustments needed to be made.


This is the removable section the white panels are to stop people climbing on to the masts holding the overhead catenary.

Lower section of ramp with steps still needed to be constructed, this whole section will be fixed to the layout. The steps now fitted to the ramp above the left side platform sign.

Photo showing both access ramps in-situ

Photos showing the access from the Chorley/Manchester branch to the fiddle yard.

The Chorley/Manchester branch off the main line went into three sidings under the houses which restricted use of this to DMU units only. It was decided to link (if possible) this section to the main fiddle yard to give greater operating potential to include goods traffic.

This has now been completed (early 2022) and will be of great benefit especially at exhibitions

Furthest line from the camera is the link to and from the fiddle yard – two closer lines are storage for DMU’s.

This concludes the construction of the layout to date, (23 May 2022) however, as with any layout alterations and improvements can always be made and most likely will.