The Junior Layouts


To teach and encourage the younger members and to give them somewhere to operate undisturbed by the adults using the main club layouts a junior layout is under construction.

The Reverent Hocking’s branch terminus, now renamed, “Little Hocking” has been incorporated into a layout, joining on to a double track oval to give scope for continuous running.

Baseboard construction and wiring have been supervised by older members. All tracks are in operation and control is switchable between D.C. and D.C.C. as required.

The junior members are involved in building structures from kits and with the scenics. Chairman, Les Nehrlich,  runs a series of classes to teach the necessary techniques (adults welcome too!).

The pictures below show the state during construction with operations under supervision.

These are slideshows and images will automatically change at about 10 second intervals.To move to the next yourself just click on an image. 






This layout, which has appeared at several of our recent exhibitions since the demise of Ardson, has been donated to the Society. It was built specifically as a youngster’s introduction to the hobby. It is easily operated by quite young members – which has been demonstrated at its exhibition appearances, and is therefore most appealing to visiting children.

As with the Little Hocking, junior members are now involved with maintenance and refreshing of track,building/refurbishing structures, and suggesting improvements.

At the moment the leading “Architect for Change” is a junior female member.