Building Euxton Junction, Part 2

Picture showing scenic embankments leading up to the M6 motorway bridge.
(NOTE* This is not a snow scene just the paper used over the card formers to produce the desired landscape finish)

Platform surface detailing well under way (there are 4 different surface textures to incorporate) and most of the scenic areas given a brown base coat before foliage goes on.

Photo showing the catenary tensioning where the motorway bridge will be.

Photo looking towards motorway bridge end of layout

The pictures below, (taken 1st.July 2016) show the progress made on the layout both with basic scenery and a few more additional features.

Looking towards the motorway bridge excellent progress compared to the picture above.

Infill board (not used in club rooms due to lack of space) showing tunnel entrance which gives access to the hidden sidings for the Chorley branch

Terraced houses in-situ (note a few of the photographs taken being used to achieve as much realism as possible in the scenic effects on the layout)

One of the five spans to be fitted on the layout that carry the catenary
Note* The left line does yet have overhead wires as this is part of the Preston to Manchester electrification scheme that is on going.

Paper template of road bridge under the main lines. See next picture for finished bridge.

Both bridges with the height restrictions signs now fitted

The following photographs were taken on the 1st. August 2016 showing the progress being made on the scenery.

Two views of Euxton Station with the scratch built shelters in-situ, now require painting.

Two views of vegetation on the embankments and back scene boards fitted in preparation for deciding what scenery to paint on them.

The infamous A49 road bridge and associated buildings – Note the tree stumps on the embankment as actually happened in this location.

Progress being made on the “in-fill” board – the cut out in the scenery is for the power supply building for the catenary.

Eventually this board will have a great deal of detail for the catenary, as we have to incorporate a “dead section” plus transformer boxes on masts and feed wires to the catenary, it’s very surprising, in reality how much detail there is in providing the electricity supply to the overhead wires.

Just a few of the shrubs and trees that have been made and now need fitting onto the layout, there are still a lot more to make.

At the AGM in October 2016 it was decided that the club rooms would be re-organised so that this layout could be put up in it’s full format to which the “OO” group are grateful.

A lot of finishing touches have now been applied to various scenic areas of the layout as the following photographs will show, but there is still a lot more to do. It is hoped that, although not finished by a long way the layout will be presentable for the 2017 exhibition in March.

Just a small portion of fencing to place in the gap in the hedge row

Over spans in-situ (temporary) awaiting fitting of droppers then will be cleaned up and sprayed. Road marking still required and traffic lights fitted.

Power building temporarily in place and trees placed on in-fill board

Views of the culvert behind the cottage and a few trees already in place – more to put in.

Road bridge adjacent to the station, this will have the long ramp fitted for access to the south facing platform,(as previously described).

The first two weeks of November 2016 the re-organisation of the club rooms went ahead to accommodate Euxton Junction in its full format, with other layouts moved around, and unfortunately one had to be dismantled.

Layout now in new location in the club rooms, all track tested again including the Chorley branch. The terrace houses shown are a temporary measure until new houses can be constructed.

The following photographs show the power supply building in-situ with the associated masts – work still to be done with the power supply wires from the building to the masts and catenary.

Scenic detailing is progressing well in other areas of the layout as shown below.
Terrace houses are temporary (front of baseboards require cleaning up and painting)

It’s now the beginning of December 2016 and at last the catenary wires are being fitted also other scenic work progressing eg. fencing, road surface to the motorway bridge, where applicable road markings and chevrons, back scene painting, in general tidying up ready for it’s first outing in March next year.

February 2017 as can be seen on the following photographs a lot of the scenic work has been completed, we now have to make the station boards suitable for display at the exhibition, although nowhere near completed.

Just a comparison from inception to completion.

Although very difficult to see all the catenary wires have been fitted to the masts and painted. (Nightmare of a job)

If you look very closely you can just make out the communications mast in the left hand picture adjacent to the back scene

Photos showing the communication masts in-situ.

Street lighting, motorway lighting and traffic lights installed and working – road markings done on both sides of the bridge, vehicles placed for effect just needs a few people to complete the scene.

Not a lot of work has been done on the scenery since the exhibition as the houses to the rear of the station are being constructed at home however, following on from comments that were made the signalling has been adapted to replicate actual main line running especially on the south bound side, both green lights would not be on at the same time as south of the platforms the four lines merge into two so, following some electrical wizardry we now have a correct lighting sequence.

Work still needs to be done on the station with the fitting of all the notice boards, platform shelters and access ramps.

If only we could have done more with the APT programme ???

Now April 2018 and a lot of detailed scenery has taken place including all signage on the station and associated approaches, all the properties behind the station fitted including gardens and outbuildings, on the front of the layout there are gardens and a pub car park not enough room on the layout to include the properties. The next two major items to be constructed and fitted are the ramps giving access from the road down to the platforms, basic work has been done on the small ramp with detailing work in progress.

Photographs of the various locations now with scenery almost finished.

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